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Montessori Ideal Schools

Children need a third environment to supplement their first two environments - the home and the society.

In this third environment, children are able to continue working at their self-formation and to consolidate all their previous conquests. The revolutionary and visionary Montessori started the very first school aimed at catering for these needs - which cannot be satisfied fully by the home and the society.

It is vital that the children have the benefits of Montessori's supplementary environment in the company of others and also the help of a trained directress physically tutored and spiritually prepared in the technique of helping children.

The third environment is where children come to live their lives … a dwelling place for them. When preparing this environment, the technical details are important in order to create an environment conducive for children working at self-formation through concentration. The key features are:

An outer environment
The outer environment should be as well prepared as the inner environment itself.
An inner environment
The inner environment should have a home like atmosphere for children including a cloak room, a living room with a reading corner, kitchen, toilets etc.
A veranda
There should be verandas … at least in front and at the back. Verandas do have many purposes to fulfil in the school.
An ideal Montessori School needs to build up positive associations with the environment. The adults have to realize that the environment is not a nursery school but a home for the children.

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