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Montessori Curriculum
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Introduction to Montessori Curriculum

" It is true we cannot make a genius,
we can only give each individual the chance to fulfil his potential possibilities to become
an independent, secure and balanced human being"

- Maria Montessori-

The Curriculum is based on her philosophy, methodology and pedagogy, which allows and encourages the children to select and work with the materials of their own choice. The process and progress of the work is based on every individual child's own pace and comfort in a well prepared environment. A well structured curriculum and program enable the children to develop awareness of themselves and others around them. The materials help them to move from concrete to abstract concepts.
The Montessori Curriculum are:
1. Exercises of Practical life

The child creating the man.
From living skills to the development of concentration, coordination, independence and order.

2. Sensorial Education

- Since the child takes in information and understands the world through his senses, sensorial development becomes the foundation for the development of the intellect.
- From Sensorial impression to Sensorial Education and the preparation for Maths

3. Maths

- Awakening of the mathematica mind.
- The child is exposed to the nature of number as well as the numbers up to ten and absorbs the knowledge into his unconscious mind from concrete to abstract.

4. Language

- The link to human culture
-The child will be called upon to enrich his language in quantity and quality, to develop it further, and make it part of himself. He has had indirect preparation, and he needs more direct help.

5. Cultural Studies:

- Window to the World
- Botany and zoology ; Science, History, Geography ; Music and Movement ; Art and Craft
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