Now that you have learned the basics of Montessori education, how do you use this information to find the best school for you and your child?

One important criteria for choosing a Montessori school, is that it be licensed by the local authority. Parents should be aware that anyone can use the word "Montessori". Therefore, the use of the word "Montessori" is no assurance of quality. Only a license granted by the authority ensures the school or enrichment center is keeping up with safety, health, and fire standards.

Another would be it is accredited by or affiliated with a well-established Montesssori organisation which set stringent standards in their programme specifications and code of ethics. A good school or enrichment center should have at least:

  • One certified Montessori-trained teacher.
  • A comprehensive range of Montessori products and materials.
  • A warm and uncluttered prepared environment.
  • Children free to move about while actively involve in their self-chosen activities or in small groups.

Parents must realise and understand that every Montessori school is unique and different in its own way. Before you enroll your child in a Montessori school it is good that you:

  • Learn what a Montessori school should be like, and observe children working in the school you are considering.
  • Find a school atmosphere that is compatible with your home environment, rather than diametrically opposed to it.
  • Find a school where your child will feel happy and secure while he is learning, where he is treated with respect and feels comfortable in his surrounds.

A child's initial school experience has a significant effect on his future feeling concerning school and the learning process. Therefore it is crucial to make a wise decision and be actively involved in these early stages of a your child's educational experience.

What Happens After Montessori?

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