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What is taught in a Montessori programme?

Although children have the opportunity to learn the same subjects they would learn in any other programme, they are a lot more involve in self discovery and self development, through the use of special didactic materials designed by Maria Montessori. They are also more exposed to history, geography, science, music and handwork. Parents are impressed with the Montessori curriculum as they see their child master these early skills independently.
· Is a Montessori programme expensive to set up and run?

A good Montessori based School requires to be specially equipped with conducive learning evironment.
Like any new programme it does cost money to set up from the scratch. The cost of setting up varies according to the size, location and needs of the individual school. The Montessori materials may look expensive, and some individual items do seem expensive but the quality in design ensures that material is made to last indefinitely provided that it is not abused. However, the commitment of trained teachers and the provision of continual training is the key to effectively deliver the children curriculum for the better.
· How are children disciplined in a Montessori programme?

Montessori programmes are noted for the self-discipline of their children.
The particularly interesting thing about the process of this programme is that the children develop self control, an act of the will and inner discipline which later flourishes externally through their peaceful, pleasant, and well behaved personality within society. Basically, what happens in the Montessori environment is that the children find that their needs are being met. The Montessori Environment is prepared to meet the children's needs with the help of an understanding directress. They sense that the directress cares about them and shows them a positive way to meet their needs. They are given the freedom for self discovery.


· What happens to children when they leave a Montessori programme?

Both experience and research indicate that children attending Montessori schools tend to be competent, self-disciplined and socially well adjusted. Montessori children are extremely adaptable. They fit in well wherever they go, because of their self esteem, self disciplined ,confidence and independent learner.

They are happy children, full of vitality and ready to face the next phase of life.


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